All visible enemy with HP and distance around you within 1000m

Functions Ticked = ON
Functions Un-Ticked = OFF

[~] Key to Show/Hide Menu
F1 - Show Distance
F2 - Show Player ESP
F3 - Number of Killed
F4 - Show HP
F5 - Show Vehicle ESP
F6 - Show Article ESP
F7 - Hold Right Click for Aimbot
F8 - Bullet Track
F9 - Instant Hit

[Up] & [Down] Arrow Key (Adjust shooting range from 100m to 1000m)

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is Bullet Track?
A1. It is a function whereby the bullet will follow and hit the enemy whenever you shoot at them (Crosshair aiming at enemy)

Q2. What is Instant Hit?
A2. Whenever you shoot at enemy, the bullet will hit them instantly but it decrease the accuracy if it is a moving target.

Q3. Is PSSA Updated?
A3. Run the program and login, it load up a "Fire Ring" with percentage in there, this means that the client is updating automatically. Else you have the latest version.

Q4. What is the different between PSSA and other client?
A4. It has different user interface as well as different update timing and constant update for better gaming experience

Q5. My PSSA is not working
A5. Is the Menu did not open in Game Lobby or Error shown in PSSA client
A5(2). Make sure that under Steam Setting, Game overlay is ticked, PUBG Properties to make sure Game overlay is ticked.
A5(3). Ensure that your steam has the most updated version before launching PSSA

Q6. Will I get BAN?
A6. PSSA is currently undetected but Ban risk is depend on how you play, if you kill someone with iron sight at 500m with Bullet Track, it is too obvious and PUBG staff will verify you as a hacker with a manual ban implemented. Play safe and ensure that you are just playing like a normal player. Advice all member to kill within close range (CQC) and do not play like raging to prevent a manual ban from PUBG.

Q7 Will the Crosshair following the enemy?
A7. If you turn on F7(Aimbot), the crosshair will follow the enemy, advice all member to turn it off for less obvious game experience. you can use Bullet Track without F7 turning on.

Installation Guide

1. Download the file
2. Extract it at desktop
3. Run as Administrator
4. Fill in your new Username and Password
5. Click Register
6. Wait for the program to update automatically, key in the Key code and click Recharge. Wait for 15 seconds
7. Click Start
8. Pop up will appear, click ok and enter PUBG
9. In PUBG game lobby, Menu will show

Registration Instructions
1. Key in your username and password
2. Click register
3. Once register click Login
4. Punch in your key
5. Click Recharge
6. Click Start
7. Wait for pop-up
8. Click OK
9. Launch PUBG